March 2019

7th/Leeds: The Prodigal Tongue. Leeds Literature Festival. 19.30 at Leeds Library. For more info and to book tickets, click here.

10th/Lichfield, Staffordshire: The Prodigal Tongue. Lichfield Literature Festival 13.30  at the George Hotel. For more info and to book tickets, click here.

11th/Nottingham: How America Saved the English Language. Café Scientifique et Culturel. Vat and Fiddle Pub, 20.00. For more info, click the link

May 2019

7th/Bloomington, IN: Defining your P’s and Q’s: politeness, prescriptivism and polysemy. Seminar on Descriptive and Prescriptive Approaches in Lexicography, Dictionary Society of North America Biennial Conference. Conference registration required.

13th/Boston, MA: for the English-Speaking Union at the Boston Athenaeum. Details to follow.

22nd/Brighton: Best of the Catalyst Club. Details to follow.

June 2019

5th/London. UCL Festival of Culture. Details to follow.

August 2019

Washington, DC date in the works. Details to follow.